You can help protect our local island rainforest acreage forever!

The 86 residents of Read Island have raised over half of the $150,000 purchase price for 20 old growth acres (8 hectares). Now we’re asking the world for help in preserving this land–Lot 302—as an ecological reserve.


  • In the 1970s our community raised the money to purchase Lot 309, adjacent to Lot 302.
  • The combined acreage of both lots is 40 acres (16 hectares) within easy walking distance of the Surge Narrows dock. Visitors to our island will be able to enjoy the proposed 1.5 kilometre forest trail through the reserve.
  • The reserve includes the headwaters of our island’s most important salmon streams.
  • Thousands of tons of carbon will remain as living trees to help mitigate the impacts of climate change.
  • With the property just up the road from the school we anticipate many educational opportunities.
  • If we don’t purchase this land it will be logged.

The Surge Narrows Community Association is a registered charity providing tax receipts for donations. You can donate on Facebook or, better yet, send a cheque made out to:

‘Surge Narrows Community Association’ addressed to: Surge Narrows Community Association, Lot 302 Fund, PO Box 52, Surge Narrows, B.C., CANADA, V0P 1W0


If you have any questions please contact the Surge Narrows Community Association at

For more information about the Surge Narrows Community Association visit our web site:

For more information about the Lot 302 Fund:

If you wish to donate through GoFundMe:


The Read Island Community

Read Island has no ferry service. We travel in small boats to get to our island and rely on Corilair to bring our mail three times a week (weather permitting). Once a month, Inlet Navigation’s barge brings gas and propane to many islanders, as well as vehicles, building supplies, basically anything too heavy for a small boat.

We provide our own power, be it solar, wind or hydro, often with back-up generators. Most of us heat with wood, and we fill our own woodsheds, as well as establishing and maintaining our own water supply.

This is our main road—unpaved. Many of us don’t live on a road so access to our properties is by water only.

We’re fortunate that seafood is readily available, as well as farm and garden produce.

We’re a vibrant community. The school and post office are at the center of social gatherings.

We’re surrounded by wildlife. This fine fellow was photographed on the school playing field.

Living on, or visiting, Read Island is like stepping back in time. Cell reception is unreliable so we don’t usually carry phones with us. Watches are rarely worn. Wallets are left at home. It’s a different lifestyle we’ve chosen. Very few of us would ever want to live in, or return to, the city. Because we treasure this place we want to preserve what we have for others to enjoy. With your help we’ll ensure that Lot 302 will be protected for future generations.